All the links below are affiliate links and

do help me out if your use them to purchase this equipment

A good mic and pop filter can make a huge difference

if your sound isn't good, people might not

stay in your stream.

I think its the #1 concern for quality.

Elgato is a great company. They make really great

quality equipment. Stream Decks make your life easier and a Capture card can enable you to stream

higher quality game play on consoles or on a second PC

I have a two webcam set up. I've had really great results with both of these webcams. Easy to set up and start streaming.

I have this CPU in both

my streaming PC and

gaming PC. It can carry

the load for most games

and also the requirements

for streaming without

breaking the bank.

I've had other graphics

cards but the updates and 

errors seem like a problem

of the past with this GPU.

Good enough for most games without breaking the bank.

My main artwork hardware

I love this tablet for the shortcut keys and the wheel

is a life saver. I've been using this for over a year

now and it shows no sign of wear.

As much as I love my Deco 03, sometimes is nice to sit outside and work or curl up on the couch with a movie on and work. This is my afk tablet. I work in procreate

which has GREAT textures and pens.

This was my first art tablet and I used it for years. It still works and has a decent battery. I'd recommend buying the pen below to make it easier to work on. Great starter tablet.

This Samsung pen uses old Wacom (top of the line) technology and works with any Samsung hardware with a digitizer. This pen is a regular size unlike the one it comes with and saves you on some hand pain.