I have been working on projects in Unity since 2016 and love to learn and grow as an artist and programmer. Below are some projects I've worked on in the past that I think other content creators on Twitch might benefit from having on their stream. Message me if you're interested in customizing these for your needs.

Marble Surface

Base Program

Additional Animation

Button Control





With commands in chat, you can trigger custom pixel-art animations on your stream.


Base package comes with 3 animations, but can always add more.  

Contact me if your interested in adding your stream.

Adds character to your stream

Button Controls allow you to trigger animations outside of chat


If you have a stream deck, it is easy to set up buttons to trigger these animations

To add to your stream, simply add a window capture and add a 'chromakey' filter with the background color selected. Background colors vary to prevent colors in the animations/art becoming transparent.

Marble Surface

Stream Point Counter

With commands in chat, you can adjust/control points given to competing rewards. Crop screen capture to not included buttons below and ChromaKey to remove background. Add your own flair and graphics above the points. Contact me if your interested in adding your stream.

Very Customizable

You can also directly contact me via email:
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