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I have been working on projects in Unity since 2017 and love to learn and grow as an artist and programmer. 

I make custom programs for streamers as well as mobile games and more.



With commands in chat, you can trigger custom pixel-art animations on your stream.


Base package comes with 3 animations, but can always add more.  

Contact me if your interested in adding your stream.

Adds character to your stream

Base Program

Additional Animation

Button Control





Productivity Timer

This simple timer has great ascetics and isn't alarming when it notifies you your timer is up!


This easy to use program is available for purchase


The Lake

The Lake is used to reward Twitch chatters for subscriptions, donations and bits. Interacts with Twitch chat


This was designed specifically for a Twitch streamer and is not for resale. 




A Thief has taken your treasure, you must squish him before he escapes!

This was my first mobile game and first game on Google play. I really enjoyed the challenge of making this and it is free on Google Play.


Mobile Game Counter

This mobile game is free to play on Google play. It is made for playing tabletop board games and keeping score. Editable Names.

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Stream Point Counter

With commands in chat, you can adjust/control points given to competing rewards. Crop screen capture to hide buttons


This was made specifically for using points as rewards for a particular streamer and is not for resale.

SubmarineGamepreview (1).gif

Submarine Game

Graphically Beautiful Submarine game

This game is being developed for Google Play and is still in development. 

Intended Release date: Feb 2021

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Federal Ghosts Game

This game is full of humor and inside jokes from the FederalGhosts Twitch Stream


This game is being developed for Windows PC.

Intended Release date: End of Pandemic

You can also directly contact me via email: