Terms and Conditions with custom art and emotes

  • The price for art is only negotiable before drawing starts

  • I will make an effort to provide you with emotes you are happy with. If after working with you, you are still unhappy with the work and there seems to be no way to fix the art in a way you will be happy with, the price of the emotes will be discounted 25% off. You are still paying for my time to work. When you choose me as your emote artist, you are aware of my style of art and should not expect a style outside of that. I am willing to make an effort always, to try new styles but the result may be unsatisfactory.

  • By asking me to do art, you agree that its okay for me to add your art to my portfolio page and show this art to others. If this is a problem, it needs to be stated before art starts. 

  • By asking me to do art, you also agree it is okay for me to stream this art on twitch. If this is a problem, it needs to be stated before art starts. Keep in mind, I have not streamed art in a while, so the chances of this occurring are low.

  • All communication about emotes will be discussed through my email gamerheroine@yahoo.com unless other wise requested.

  • All communications about emote(s) can/will be used as evidence in a payment dispute.

  • Payments are required via paypal (or other means if discuss prior to) before I start on the art unless otherwise-discussed.

  • As stated above, donations do not translate to emote(s) or other art. Drawings done after donations are 'gifts' that you are not entitled to.

Terms and Conditions with Twitch Donations

  • Donations are not available for tax deduction. Further information can be found here

  • By donating, you are making me the rightful owner of that money and these funds cannot be withdrawn nor chargeback. If a chargeback or refund is requested, I will use my full right to dispute wrongful request through the appropriate channels.

  • Donations do not translate to having paid for a drawing. They do provide a bonus of in stream currency (candies) which is a currency which resets every month that can be used in the stream store (candy store) at my discretion towards simple drawings (known as draw for mes). 

  • If a drawing occurs because of a donation, it is done as a gift from me. You are not entitled to this gift.